Europallet is repleaceable pallet. Standardized euro pallets have the size 1200 x 800 x 144 millimeters and its loading capacity is 1 500 kilograms. The used euro pallets we are offering are heal treated with IPPC method and meeting the export requirements. The functionality of the used euro pallets is the same as the new euro pallets.

Used eurO pallets - light

There are not such a big difference between the new and used euro pallets. The used euro pallets are particularly wore out. They are light and are meeting all the qualitative requirements as the new euro pallets do. The main advantage in comparison with the new euro pallets is the lower price.

Used eurO pallets - dark

Darker used euro pallets are fully functional as the new euro pallets. Darker used euro pallets are obviously more used than the light one and thats why the price is also lower.